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In one of the first to serve as a starting investor Priyanka Chopra recently toured the San Francisco home of a new portfolio company focus education company called Holberton School.

The campus looks like WeWork more than a school, with a plan to open the page from the offices of the decor and neon lights of meeting rooms named after famous people. The school uses projects for group learning instead of traditional courses to teach software development.

“You just learn and you learn,” Ms. Schubert. “It’s amazing.”

Ms. Schubert, 36, has been doing a lot of shopping and learning in technology circles in recent times. In presenting the Emmys, sitting in the first row at New York Fashion Week, celebrating the birthday of her fiance Nick Jonas in Texas, darting to her native India to work in the film, has been reduced in the meetings with the start of the founders lined the investment in the future.

“Geeks take over the world,” Ms. Schubert. “If you haven’t already,” I quickly added.

There is no shortage of celebrities investing in tech start-ups. Until now the performances of the male actors, athletes and musical artists have got much more attention from the famous women. Ashton Kutcher is a regular at tech conferences; Carmelo Anthony and Nas their own funds; Leonardo DiCaprio was an advisor to at least three companies to the project.

Tyra Banks, Beyonce and Demi Lovato were involved in the start page. But some women have built strong portfolios.

Ms. Schubert said that she didn’t know how many shows they will do or how much money they will invest but does not plan to build a portfolio.

On Wednesday announced the second investment in Bumble, the dating app social media which was founded by Whitney Wolfe cats, one of the most prominent startup founders in the technology. Mr. Schubert plans to assist in the promotion and Bumble launch in India in the coming months.

Ms. Chopra was submitted to technology investment by the city of Anjula Acharia, founder of the angel investor who spent time as an entrepreneur in residence and partner at Trinity Ventures, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Ms. Acharia worked with Mr. Schubert since 2010.

Ms. Acharia was the first investor in ClassPass, a fitness booking start, she made a return on the company’s latest round of funding. It has also invested in bulletproof coffee, Health-Ade Kombucha and Moses.

Said Jimmy Iovine, the mentor who supported the entertainment does not start, DesiHits has taught her how to forecast cultural trends.

Ms. Acharia, who straddled Hollywood and Silicon Valley, said the Indian woman was a rarity in both worlds. In the weekend at the Hollywood parties she had frequented with Mrs. Chopra Ms. Acharia noticed that they are often the only South Asian in attendance.

Photoimagem06-10-2018-18-10-53 imagem06-10-2018-18-10-53[/commentary]Anjula Acharia Ms. Chopra director spent time as an entrepreneur in residence and partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm.CreditEmily Berl for the New York Times

Then on the day of the week meetings with the business partners in the Trinity project, she was often the only woman. “I have always been a minority”.

With their participation in Holberton Ms. Acharia and Schubert are making an effort to help change the technology industry is the interaction between the Sexes. After the musical performance Ne-Yo invested in Holberton began promoting the school to his audience, the applications from underrepresented minorities increased. Now two-thirds of the Holberton students of people of color and 30 percent women.

Mr. Schubert plans to promote the school to her fans.

“If one day because of Brian, it became 100 percent of women, I’ll be fine with this,” Ms. Acharia.

Founded in 2015, Holberton teaches students to code without charge , then the charge is 17 percent of salary for three and a half years after their graduation. All of the graduates find jobs. Mr. Schubert investment is part of the $ 8.2 million financing round Holberton, which closed in April. She will join the company’s Board of advisors.

Ms. Chopra has confirmed its support Holberton task of educating the people deprived. No exceptions to bending strongly towards companies with an element of social impact, and companies founded by women.

“I don’t want to just be one of those people who are like ‘Yeah, I want to be on the technology bandwagon — how is making a lot of money, ‘” she said, wiping Holberton workspace in a cream suit and snakeskin stilettos. “It’s not about that.”

Ms. Schubert has worked with UNICEF to advocate for children since 2006, mostly concentrated in developing countries. But the conversation over dinner with Ms. Acharia about the time of the 2016 elections turned to education in America. That led Ms. Acharia to introduce Ms. Chopra to Holberton School founders.

“I think Holberton is the gateway drug to Brian,” Ms. Acharia.

Mr. Kutcher is a project company Photo Projects, is often considered a successful example of celebrities investing in tech start-ups. Mr. Kutcher’s investments, while working along with the director of talent man, Guy Oseary, and several of these technology the most successful in start-ups, such as Airbnb, Uber and Spotify, as well as hot up and comers such as birds and Casper.

At a recent conference, Mr. Kutcher was asked to give advice to dozens of celebrities and athletes join a technology investment Election. He said he devoted a lot of time to become credible venture capitalist, including the presence of all the Y Combinator Demo Day over the past decade.

“If you want to get a job, you’ve got to do the work,” he said. “It takes time and a lot of mistakes.”

Ms. Chopra said she found Mr. Kutcher investment approach inspiring.

“I am very open to listen and learn absolutely devote a part of my life to this.”

Ms. Acharia plans to keep providing him with new investment ideas. “Maybe we’re the new Ashton Guy.”

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