Lara Lee out on the town

“The rush of romance, the erotic beauty of male/female interaction, the intrigue of fantasy, fun and the occasional kink.  That’s what she writes…Erotic Romance author, Lara Lee Sweety.”

The above is the tag line for my blog.  It tells you what interests me as an author.  As a regular gal, Lara Lee Sweety is a farm raised, Show-Me State native, an erotic romance author with a Mid-Western flair.

I used to raise and show horses, I build my own computers, write my own blog and enjoy photography when my body allows me to.  I’m a former wedding videographer, and obviously, a hopeless romantic.

I love my family.  I love watching the  St. Louis Cardinal’s get all the way to home. I love watching the St. Louis Blues players get into fights. I love movies and TV with bad ass characters. I love the Gulf of Mexico and sand under my feet. NASCAR is thrilling, driving is better. Find me in the right spot, I’ll buy you a shot of Petron and you can tell me your story.


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