Faded Cotton has been released on Amazon.com and Smashwords!
  Laurel MacClain is arrested for the oldest rap in the book, but soon finds herself basking in island sun and wrapped in the protective arms of Faded Cottonex-lover, career Navy SEAL Captain Jake LeGrande. Given one last opportunity to show Laurel that he still loves her—strong, silent Jake reveals the reason he left her so long ago.
   Trapped in a web of deception, Laurel works to uncover the secret that ties her and fellow captive Jen Delaney to the same hit list. Laurel works to befriend Jen, sharing the stories of her sizzling hot trysts with her dead husband and young lover.
     Jakes arm of protection extends to his son Jess and Laurel’s son Adam, SEALS under his command who are along for the ride. Both are sexy, intense, and intent on winning Jen’s attention.
   Finding answers takes them all back to Missouri and back to the farm.  Laurel’s daughter Shannon reveals her true self to her long time friend Jess LeGrande in an incredibly steamy swim in Siddy Creek.   Amid the sexual heat and hijinks, the mystery that put everyone in danger finally unravels.
Welcome to the MacClain family…they love hard and fight harder.
**Very HOT adult content!**

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