Hot n’ Sweet List

The Best of Erotic Romance – Must Read

A note about Lara Lee Sweety’s favorite authors….
About my reviews, hearts and why you won’t see low numbers…!

The Hot n’ Sweet List is my personal list of favorites.  These are Erotic Romance books that I consider “Erotic Romance Must Read”.
Happy, Happy, Happy Reading!

Tremendous Reads

…by Kat Black
Melting Ms Frost

…by Mimi Strong
Her Teddy Bear

…by   Cat Johnson
One  Night with a Cowboy 

…by J. S. Scott

Heart of a Billionaire
… by Tess Oliver

… by   Emma Chase

… by   Alice Clayton

…. by   Lindsey Brookes
Kidnapped  Cowboy

…. by   K.M. Golland

…. by   Sylvia Ryan
Friday Afternoon

…. by   Kristen Proby
Come Away With Me

…. by   Jasinda Wilder
Big Girls Do It

…. by   Rebecca Zanetti
Forgotten Sins

…. by   Christi Snow
Operation: Edurance

…by   Lara Lee Sweety (Not including your own is like not voting for yourself!)
Faded  Cotton
Siddy  Creek

Flawless Perfection

…by Rebecca Zanetti
Sweet Revenge

…by Christina Lauren
Beautiful Bastard
Beautiful Stranger
Beautiful Player

…. by   Lorelei James
Miss Firecracker

Rough Rider Series Notes
(individual review links below)
Long Hard Ride
Rode Hard, Put Up Wet
Cowgirl   Up and Ride
Tied Up, Tied Down
Rough, Raw, and Ready
Branded   as Trouble
Strong,   Silent Type
Shoulda Been a Cowboy
All Jacked Up
Raising Kane
Slow Ride (freebie)
Cowgirls   Don’t Cry
Chasin’   Eight
Cowboy   Casanova
Kissin’ Tell
Gone Country
Short Rides
Redneck Romeo


Hi All!
What I read and review is archived on this site.  In order to make the Hot n’ Sweet List the book has to be one of my own personal favorites. 

  These made my heart go wild and my—ok, we won’t go there, but you get the idea.  They are all very well written, with plenty of lust and lascivious grins.  There are cowboys and led-foot bad asses, military boys and rich city boys in sexy suits, but they all have one thing in common.  They are hot as hell!

 My reviews are normally short and sweet.  Long reviews are those posted on other sites that require a lengthy review.  Just because I like something, doesn’t mean you will.  However, I find my review ratings normally fall in line with averages on other sites.

  If you are new to erotic romance or are just looking for a good list to choose from—here you go.  Enjoy.
Happy, Happy, Happy Reading!

5 Hearts…

5 Hearts…OMG! Hot and steamy!  Fantastic story!
4 Hearts…Oh man! Mmm…mmm good!  Great story!
3 Hearts…Something made me think, “Not so hot.”

5 Hearts
No book is perfect, people!  For everyone out there just waiting to award a five out of five stars, or hearts, for the perfect book—ya’ll ‘er nuts!  There is no perfect book.  A book will gain a 5 Hearts from me if I don’t want to put it down, if it kills me to wait to see what happens next, if I fall in love with the characters, if it has particularly hot sex scenes or it is a particularly good story in general.  My 5 Hearts are normally a great combination of the aforementioned qualities.

Somebody has to tell it the way it is!
My mamma told me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”   “Well hell, Mom, somebody has to tell it the way it is!”  Honestly though, you won’t see me rate anything below a three. That’s because I won’t finish the 2’s and 1’s.  I either won’t or can’t.  I’m just not the kind of reader who can slug through something I don’t like.  I’ll try like hell though.  I’ll read until I can’t take it any more.  If none of the dialog is in quotations, “Houston, we have a problem!”

Some books are sleepers and it pays off in the long run to keep reading!

Less than five?  Doesn’t mean you won’t like the book.  We aren’t all driving Ford’s are we?  Less than five just means it wasn’t as good to me as my 5 Heart rated books.

Outstandingly crude, or violent pieces will not continue to hold my attention.  I’ll note sexually violent works as such if I come across them, but the rest—I’ll just keep my opinion to myself.

I don’t want to read dark erotica, heavy BDSM, or stories that indulge illegal or violent acts as normal behavior.  (No incest, rape, violent sex, etc.)  I don’t read strictly m/m or f/f stories.  I have no frame of reference for those romances so I can’t comment on them accurately.

Review length…
My time is so crammed full of ‘to do’s’ that I have to say no to some things.  Writing long reviews to me is pointless. I need quick and painless.  I see reviews with multiple quotes and verbose notes, and I think, “I just want to know if you liked the damn thing or not!”  So I’ll leave the long reviews to those who have time for such things.  There are a couple of bloggers out there that actually do a great job with these long introductions.  Me…not so much.

My ratings are based on what the book does for me personally.  I see errors, but read on.  Every single book I read (and I do mean EVERY BOOK) has editing errors in it.  That includes my own books, no matter how hard I try or how many times the editor goes over it.  If I catch them, I fix them, even after the fact.  Not every author or publisher will do this.  Including ones that sell 100,000 copies in one month! Editing misses are a fact of life.  Unless a book has an abundance of errors drawing me out of the story on a regular basis or the formatting is grossly incorrect, I won’t comment on it. No quotations, “Houston, we have a problem!”   If I do comment, it means it’s significant enough that you might think twice about reading the book, if those things bother you.

Page length…
I try to note page length per Amazon’s listings.  It burns me up to buy something I think is a full-length book and it turns out to be a novella or story.  It’s my own fault most of the time.  I forget to check page length.  If it’s marketed as a book and it’s not book length, it rubs me the wrong way.

In Conclusion…
I hate that phrase, don’t you? Reminds me of a college science paper or a trial attorney wrapping a case.  Bah!  Anyway, in conclusion, take every review you read here, or elsewhere, with a grain of salt.  It’s just personal opinion. One opinion.  That’s all.




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