Review: Chasin’ Eight

Chasin' Eight
Chasin’ Eight by Lorelei James
My rating: 5 Hearts Minus  ♥♥♥♥♥-

     Chasin’ Eight is a five star, for the sex and the story. I have been so enthralled with Lorelei James work, that I vowed to read the Rough Riders Series again. I’m most of the way through it!
Chase is hot bull rider with a tad bit of a problem. His and love em’ and leave em’ mantra has backfired. Faced to own up to his bad behavior by being a good boy long enough to get his job back, he decides to swear off of sex. Ava is an actress with bad PR problem. They both try to escape their current reality by hiding out in Wyoming. They run smack dab into each other and the thermostat gets cranked up.
Both Ava and Chase are forced to own their sexuality. Both explore their own shortcomings and in the process learn to shine. It’s possible this is one of the best in the series.

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