Review: Cream & Honey

Cream & Honey
Cream & Honey by Maggie Montgomery
My rating: 4 Hearts ♥♥♥♥

There are moments of sheer brilliance and plenty of erotic fun in Cream & Honey. A little verbose at times, it’s worth sticking through to the end. A deep and very, for lack of better terminology, very adult read.

“I’d missed him so desperately, wanted him so badly, and the frustration of our recent separation seemed to pulse through him with every angry thrust.” That’s out of context, but read it in context and you’ll see what I mean about moments of brilliance.

Nate and Nora share a common pain that both draws them together and pushes them apart. This is a story were love sees them through and the sex is a very special, very intense connection.
I’ll read more Maggie Montgomery.

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