Review: Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 5 Hearts ♥♥♥♥♥++

Wow! Ever dream of having the perfect soldier in your bed? Here he is.

Zanetti impressed me with Forgotten Sins – Shane’s story (#1), but Mattie and Laney’s story blows it out of the water! This power packed, sexually charged adventure will not let you down for one second.

Brothers Matt, Shane, Nate, and Jory are four genetically engineered fighting machines. Having escaped the ruthless control of the sick man who created them, their story unfolds as they attempt to break free from all the bonds forced on them. Tracking the doctor who may control whether he lives or dies, Matt runs into a sexy barkeep named Laney Jacobs. Love is simply not in his vocabulary until Laney. Saving her from a ruthless killer becomes his mission. He does his best to save her and his brothers, the only family he’s ever known.

This is high-speed adventure with some of the hottest sex ever.  Zanetti has her own brand of sizzle and it works. This one makes the Hon N’ Sweet list in the Flawless Perfection category.  Seriously, one damn hot read!
384 pages per Amazon

This one has me squirming in my seat waiting for the next one-that good!

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