Rough Rider Series by Lorelei James

Rough Rider Series by Lorelei James
My rating: 5 Hearts ♥♥♥♥♥ (All of them!)

     God, I’m so bad.  When I found this series I went crazy.  I burned through all of them pretty quick and then had to start rereading.  That’s saying a lot, because I can rarely bring myself to do that.  What can I say, I like her (Lorelei James) style.  Super sexy cowboys and cowgirls captivate your heart with their real life trials and tribulations.  The sex is smoking hot. (And it’s inventive.  NOT just the same old scenario again and again.)  She really brings the characters to life and gives them endearing personalities. You’ll want to read all of them so you can meet the whole family! If you are not into series reading try Kissin’ Tell, All Jacked Up or Raising Kane…oh hell, any of ‘em will do ya’ just fine! See below for an order of go.


1     Long Hard Ride The ride that started it all. Rodeo Colby falls for Channing. HOT!
2     Rode Hard, Put Up Wet  Cash and Gemma, Carter and Macie. Double the heat. Yowsa!
3     Cowgirl Up and Ride Cord calls the shots to virgin AJ.  OMG! Steamer!
4     Tied Up, Tied Down Independent girl gets Kade and baby.  Super sweet and hot.
5     Rough, Raw, and Ready Edgard and Trevor complete with Chassie.  Well done!
6     Branded as Trouble Reformed bad boy, reformed bad girl. Booze, tats n’ troubles. Cool!
6.5  Strong Silent Type Ever had husband trouble?  You will fall in love with Libby and Quinn.
7     Shoulda Been a Cowboy Cam makes it back, but not in one piece.  This one is smokin’.
8     All Jacked Up Keeley wraps the guy she originally hates around her finger. Love this gal!
9     Raising Kane Single mom gets her man and Kane is a hotty.
9.5  Slow Ride Freebie-Keeley’s honeymoon.  Love Keeley-tough girl.
10   Cowgirls Don’t Cry Winding up with the dead husband’s brother.  Heartbreaker.
11   Chasin’ Eight This is really good despite it being about the rich n’ famous Chase & Ava.
12   Cowboy Casanova  A little BDSM rodeo style with the banker lady. Kinky!
13    Kissin’ Tell  Tell finally gets the girl he was crazy about in high school. Sweet and Hot!
14    Gone Country  Long lost McKay-Gavin (rich) hooks up with hippie girl Rielle.
14.5  Short Rides  Three short stories that add a even more reality and depth to the seriers.
15    Redneck Romeo Dalton and Rory, smokin’ hot sex that kinda winds up the series.  Darn.
As far as I know this list is correct.  (Info garnered via Goodreads)
Went to all the trouble on this post because the author deserves it.  Tough situations were handled beautifully, the sex was beyond great  and the story lines keep you interested all the way through.  I’ll be posting individual reviews and ratings as I go…again!  Great investment for your erotic romance library!

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