Words to maintain the minimum age of school

Julian Sanches

E-mail: imprensa@oficinadoestudante.com.br

The Supreme Federal Court (STF), based on the decision of the National Education Council (CNE), it was decided that the registration in elementary school I Children will only occur for up to six years prior to 31 March. However, the National Union of private schools (Fenep) lead teaching units to maintain a planning register and follow the guidelines established in the state. In elementary school I was promotion in the new unit, II, Taquaral college and course and workshop of the student, that the benefit of self-government in the teaching-learning process, should follow with the minimum age set in accordance with the Fenep, with a view to ensuring the healthy the beginning of the life of the school.

Coexistence extends the other

In the first years, the student should be encouraged to play more and, you know, with the war in the social reality surrounding it by a range of incentives available.

To negotiate on the operations of the Switch and communicate the potential of the first steps, the school stimulates the student to create and express themselves, in line with the recommendations made by multidisciplinary teams. Circle guidelines cover hygiene and promote general health.

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