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It was in the wilds of the world, in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais, specifically in the neighborhood of miserable Barbacena in the early 1940s – in the midst of 2.* World War – that the French writer George Bernanos saw nothing less than the future.

+Exposure in the United States shows a technological innovation that comes from the Indians.

+As a connoisseur of art work along with technology

He lived in a place Modesto in the House of his beloved France from the spectrum of the political right, left, center, finally, that do not lead to anywhere – after that the publication of the great cemeteries under the moon (1938), the controversial masterpiece about the disaster that led to the Spanish Civil War (and, as a result, that the audacity of Hitler and Stalin against Europe), when was lighting and scary about what motivated “the anger of imbeciles” then in vogue in the four corners of the Earth.

It was the fact that “the scheme of ideological opposition to the now closely united through technology,” he wrote in France against the robots (achievements), another masterpiece of rhetoric embellished, which began in 1945, as amazing as a large cemetery, with the difference that this time, Bernanos does not reflect on the present or past, as they carry the detractors. Do what you always did, especially in his great novels, such as diary parish priest of the village or under the sun of Satan (transformed into polished movies by, respectively, Robert Bresson and Maurice Pialat): put back before the snout equal to the shock that we can’t escape, as if we were dogs who seek desperately a little bit of food in this dirty dog of being.

However, there is a fad (it is certain that the word contempt in the vocabulary of the creator of Mouchette) in this book the painstaking, wrote that man possesses by definition uncompromising. Before anyone can accuse him of “reacionarismo” the rejection of the “progress” of history now Bernanos believed that there is no other way but to accept such a “technical” editor permanent human, especially after the end of the 2.The war.

But he does not see that this phenomenon positively or negatively. Bernanos has the ability to convert the floor to do a neutral vision – the vision is released to the world as the lava of the volcano that destroys the city to the side. That hurts, bothers, rupture. Unfortunately this is not the case with his compatriot Benjamin Loveluck who write about the same topic in networking and freedoms challenge (the voices of) about 70 years later, can you describe the “state of the art” we have the technology current situation, but unable to say anything much about the “state of the question” something Bernanos captured with precision.

Loveluck put philosophy, Michel Foucault and Marcel Gauchet about how liberal democracy is a political ideology that tries to replace the existential void caused by what Max Weber called the “disenchantment of the world”. To expand on this topic for a detailed analysis of how the internet took a classic liberal to build a world view peculiar, the French political scientist – researcher in Telécom Paris Tech, the idea of the establishment of the telecom development in the troubled scenario in the “brave new world” of politics – he wants to prove to the reader that you should not specify a “network of networks” is fully absorbed into what is known under the name of “civil society”.

But this is exactly what we do in a climate of opinion that dominates in the universities, News, bar tables. The internet would be the world of the need to convert to the kingdom of freedom, where people finally to self-govern their lives without the central institution that dominates private ownership and the flow of information – or, at least, is what we believe in as if it was a new “religion and Politics”, those totalitarian ideologies that Bernanos already achincalhava.

Loveluck shows that it is a sad illusion. In spite of the liberal turn at the thought of California of libertarianism hippie Silicon Valley – and then on the gap of human behavior replaced by technology the internet has never had a war. It was just one more tool of control that the initial intention was never to help the man, but handle it as few times in history a revolutionary technology that can only be understood adequately as a complement to the revolution that the man himself wants to make against the fundamental fragility.

One of the more interesting points of the networks and operations the challenge is to Benjamin Loveluck seems to be really surprised with this conclusion. Now, if he had read Bernanos, none of this was evident the novelty in your project. The French novelist, accusing the “Catholic carol” – even without access to the internet, since his death in 1948, I realized that modernity may be damaged, the project in its essence, which controls the men in all grades and classes except one: that of crap.

As well as Raymond Aron, Eric Voegelin, Bernanos believe that perhaps the main of the history of mankind is stupidity in all of us. This will not be an exception in how to deal with this technique and technology. But warning: it is not a question of stupidity, pure and simple, is a fool who does not reason correctly by some barriers of information, or knowledge. It is something deeper. He speaks of the idiot who thinks himself as a very intelligent person, absolutely unable to recognize “intelligence humiliation” that all of the cost of Augustine in the confessions, and which was adopted recently by the philosopher John Madureira in the book of the same name – a must-read for those who want to escape from this vicious circle.

With writing ferina, Bernanos gives the perfect definition of what is stupid today: “the experience showed me long ago that the asshole is never simple, and very rarely ignorant. Intellectual should, therefore, by definition it seems suspicious? Definitely. Call it intellectual to the man who gives himself this title because of the events, testimonials that you have. I’m not talking, of course, researcher of the artist or the writer whose task is to create – that intelligence is not a profession but a message. The intellectual and often goofy that we have to take things always been this way, until I proved otherwise.”

Here is the crux of the matter is that intellectual property has become dependent on this technology and the technology by not taking a failed idea to meditate at the exact time. And then the defense locked up in the intelligence to sell its robots a long time ago, cut off from the spiritual life that will be the true foundation in our society. Long before Benjamin Loveluck, the writer of the dialogue of the Carmelites has seen technology as a way to control the inner freedom of man, giving him in exchange the level of freedom in the outside that will unite them with the worst of the questionnaire – that the Fool is the only ruler possible.

Without a doubt, the progressives accuse France against the robots be more than a brochure “Luddite” – a reference to the cult apocalyptic 19th century, founded by Ned Lud, who sought to abolish the machine, and chose therefore the analysis assumed that the most frequent of Benjamin Lovelجيش liberation of Kosovo. You will also have proof that they do not understand anything from the appropriate subject from which to draw strength: after all, the rebellion of technology against the human being has been caused by this same “rage of idiots” that were created in the altar of global Nazism, Communism, and fascism. And if today we forget this important lesson, apparently protects freedom controlled by a “network of networks”, it is a sign that we deserve death that hangs over the stupid, as predicted by the visionary spirit of the (annoying) George Bernanos.

*Martim Vasques da Cunha, “the author of the book” the crisis of Utopia – the dilemma of Thomas More ” and “dust to glory – (the unexpected history of Brazilian literature’

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