Del the government wants to open a dialogue with the books Black – Brazil – Estadão

Brasilia – Prime Minister General Secretariat of the presidency, Gilberto Carvalho, said that the government is seeking interlocutors with the movement of the Black Mass because it is necessary to create a “dialogue” with them and “understand this social phenomenon”. After that pointed out that “the government preocupadíssimo” with such violence the minister that “protection is necessary” but noted that “only suppression do not solve the depth of the problem”. The minister acknowledged that the population has become a hostage to the violence of the Black Bloc and reasoned that “the proper emptying of the demonstration reflected this.”

To Gilberto Carvalho: “the state can not be called violence” the government wants to stop. But at the same time you want to go to the root of the problem in understanding this issue and to take necessary measures to resolve it. According to him, the government “preocupadíssimo” with the question and seeks to understand “how the culture of violence in the vicinity of already migrated to this type of work.” He also stressed that we have to go to the box in question, not only the criminalization of youth, it is necessary to understand what is happening.

After reminding that this is a “complex issue,” Oak explained that “in order for there to be effective action, you must have a more accurate diagnosis”, which does not yet exist. “We’re accelerating this, we are in dialogue with the police, with the authorities of the state, we are looking also with the community, with youth movements because the simple criminalization of the Breaking will not solve”, adding that “the company you are fighting and destruction to do”. “But to solve the problem in depth, we need to know a little more, to understand where it comes from this process.”

To defend the need to be able to party with the Black Books Carvalho stated that the government is in search of members of the group that you want to engage in dialogue. “One of the problems is that the difficulty of the presence of interlocutors who want including the edges. That language is a phenomenon – and I insist on the phenomenon – is the destruction of the oil. Now we need to somehow be the bridge, we’re looking for a great strength of this dialogue, so that we can find an effective way to just because repressing them does not solve,” he said.

The minister even commented that there was difficulty in communication because “the team doesn’t report to the pelvic does not occur”. “We caused a sensation”

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