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At the age of 70, Ian McEwan senior literary characters the one that many consider the best of Arts: English. Forty years on the road, 12 Novel Prize (poker), film adaptation (wanting reform). And the feat is rare: a large and faithful reading public and critics and flattering. But not always: her fair share of grooved. Recently, critic James Wood has pulled the rug out from McEwan in augustas the pages of the London Review of books, referring to “the presence of a disturbing trend to Lyon”. That must have hurt because in the beginning of his career, Ian McEwan was known as “Ian McCabro”, and their plots nerds. As the drop is ridiculous, the writer John Banville in the pages of Don’t tell the church the New York Review of books, esculachou one of the most acclaimed novels of McEwan (Saturday), according to him “controversial neo-tape printer make mistakes.”

+Tolstoy’s car-horses in childhood, adolescence, youth’

+Anthology brings tales of horror book is unlikely

To celebrate the seventieth spring, the owner of the company of letters, launches two titles McEwan: not published my book, The Violet of the child at that time, the re-published work from the 1980s, there is very exhausted. Both balm after the imprisoned mind-numbingly inept previous book of the author who fell from the horse when you set the narrator of the fetus.

My book is purple, originally published in the New Yorker, is slicing or gutting – of the pulse of a variety of ecosystem literature. After the mentioned corrections McEwan with a cheese knife at hand. Since the 1970s, it kind of destroys the three directions Literary a couple of Martin Amis and Salman Rushdie – which from time to time, when they are accused of using the imagination of the British.

For some, charisma in the media that the troika may obscure the other participants in the generation of not less meritorious. Especially women, as A. S. Guin, Rose Tremain and Pat Barker – although not the next generation, as proved by Zadie Smith. Now, this is a buzzing Hornet’s nest of love and hate, tietagem revered and ciumeira bloody among the literati that a book my purple bar of the message. You can’t learn Gunpowder, of course. So much so that the narrator in the first person quoted in the earlier work on this topic, if traveling in the winter night of Italo Calvino. And the last of the Three Musketeers also already question: Martin Amis, in the romance information.

Facing the narrator inconfiável (writer of half-baked Parker house sparrow), but this infusion of gold: “you have heard from my friend Jocelyn Tarbet, the novelist who has been retained, but in which month of refusal. Her rise coincided with the decline, although there is no reason for it. Then their fall was accompanied by my victory in the battle every day. I do not deny that there is dishonesty. I stole a life, and I don’t intend to return.”

Communal, yes, I think the buyer nor dead. The astute open the appetite of the black comedy is in the title, the original (purple scented novel). In English, the expression “purple prose” (purple prose) refers to the literary style, polite, pompous, vulgar. And in this case the challenge in fiction is precisely to get the brightness of the narrative, though, and even against itself, because the text canhestro narrator/person who steals the manuscript of the masterpiece of his friend. The natural result is consistent with the ethics deviant: without talent probably deserves more success than gifted since he loves more the art of this – only that the love is not reciprocated.

As my book, Violet is only 41 pages, the size of the ruggedized with you, the libretto of McEwan opera Michael Berkeley. But the child in time, 1987, it is another strain. To friend Christopher Hitchens, this is a masterpiece of Maki animal when the plot begins Stephen Lewis author of children’s books, pays the life with a belly. Three years ago, only your son has been kidnapped in the market under your nose and not found. Marriage of Louis to go to the drain, Vegeta on the couch thinking about glass eyes, television programs excrementícios.

About 15 years ago, I met McEwan and asked him what the scene more difficult that it already wrote. It’s lacrou: “the abduction of Kate in the supermarket.” In fact, just read the episode hiccup almost obscene a lot of hope and a lot of panic on the verge of excruciating. The novel deals with complex issues – loss and its implications on the nature of childhood and how it is atraiçoada for adult life, be the father and the son the secret of the time – that Plato described as “a moving image of Eternity”.

Like all great literary works, the child in time has a life lesson that we learn through the hurdle race of the novel, is in full swing. Hence, literature is like a “science of the soul” which speaks Toni Morrison.

These and other, if McEwan tyrant of English letters in the worst case scenario is the tyrant enlightened.

*Paulo Nogueira is the author of the ‘love’ place’ (Intermeios)

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