New school: the contract of mutual trust

Follow Education News, I found that the story guidelines for choosing a new school, the lack of an essential reference that contract for the provision of educational services to be effective.

Thus the initial approach to work around those basic guidelines as to the increasing values, goals, family heritage project of the new school. This means a complex task, that is, demand careful research and some educational experience to know what you’re looking for.

In addition to that the new institution proposed formally, it is necessary that the interviews with the Coordination of visits to the school in the process of consultations with students and former students seeking to detect the effectiveness of the characteristics of the pedagogical project of concrete in many of the process factors in daily life.

However, it would be in the natural wear and tear of school life routine that gives forgotten in the news will make the essential difference. We are talking about the mutual trust between the contractors, the foundation of any contract, but that education is vital. Hence the need to learn more as fully as possible to the school in question imposed was not a wheel in the evaluation of all the conditions of the opposition and, above all, the importance of not choosing a school fads, variables such as price and location or any that is not full confidence in the educational project to be developed.

In countless of the difficulties that high school life can offer in terms of wear and lack of trust of any of the parties involved can generate severe disabilities behavior that can threaten the life of the school in so many times in life.

In this sense, it is the principle of insurance as soon as that trust is a permanent process of construction just registering your child in a new foundation when all the doubts are clarified when there is no shady spot or nothing otherwise. Or before the first difficulties of a new risk and a new school possible disappointment.


Professor Henry Vailati Nate is the director of the college FAAP – SP. Graduated in history and education, a master’s degree in Business Administration. Is University professor in the disciplines of sociology and political science. He has four sons and four grandchildren.


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