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The ProDeaf, an application that translates words in Portuguese and Brazilian sign language (Libras), can already be used on Facebook. Only access and install the app using the login and password of social network.

It is worth noting that the ProDeaf mobile , available on iPhone, Windows Phone and Android for free. This month, the Brazilian company that created the app won the award Anuário tele.The installation of innovation in the field of communication. The company has placed first in the category of ‘application developers and content’.

Give awards 15 165 companies in four categories: ‘operator’, ‘suppliers’, ‘suppliers of services or software” and “application developers and content’. The awards ceremony was held on Wednesday last, 2.

The idea was born in 2010, in the classroom of a master’s program in computing at the Federal University in Pernambuco (UFPE) from the date of the student Marcelo Amorim, who is hearing impaired. “We follow the difficulties faced by even in the canteen to request a sandwich”, says João Paulo Oliveira.

Fellow of the College of Amorim executive and three of the students, Flavio Almeida, Amirton Chagas and Lucas Mello managed to give shape to the project/concept which was a winner at the Imagine Cup 2011, an event held annually by Microsoft to encourage technological innovation.

From this they decided to offer the idea of Bradesco Seguros, which has invested in the project. The money was used in hiring master’s in linguistics and design, and the company established the committee of 40 the valve, which has been analyzed in detail ProDeaf, which refers to the changes until the application comes to the ideal figure.

In December 2012, the ProDeaf has been tested Vera global accelerator of Telefonica group that works to identify and retain talent in the country in the areas of innovation and technology.

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