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The only story – Julian Barnes (rock)

English Julian Barnes, winner of the Man Booker Prize 2011 with the sense of the end, comes in recent times a unique story of a love affair between a boy of 19 years old and a married woman, nearly 30 years old mother of two grown daughters. The story is set in the 1960s, at the time of the sexual revolution, but the love of Paul and Susan that lasts for more than a decade, is not released from any of the countries. Defying a conservative society, they are expelled from the tennis club that they frequent. This relationship, Paul said already ripe, that attempts to recreate the moments that passed along Susan reflect on them. / Antonio Gonçalves Filho

American poems from the past and the future – Terrance Hayes (Penguin)

New book Terrance Hayes, who won the National Book Award 2010 Lighthead, is one of the first popular works criticize the initiative of the presidency of Donald Trump. But American poems from the past and the future assassin is not only good for this purpose. Among the 70 poems written after the 2016 election, it is possible to find a direct reference to the Trump (as in Mister trumpet), but there are others which explores private obsessions: the prison of masculinity the gap between parents and children, especially the body, defined in such a way as to sonnet, The acquisition of literary form, insists on the “back”, sudden change. / Parol Segal/New York Times

Mon Frère – Daniel Pennac (the publishing house expensive screw)

The screenwriter, Daniel Pennac lived his childhood and youth in a dysfunctional family and now speaks to him in Mon Frère, dedicated to balance in his relationship with his older brother, Bernard, who was a fairly high compression rate Timon and disappeared from his life. Daniel was a “donkey”, that he has difficulty with the letters (and then became a writer). Brother Bernard, “genius”, thanks mother. Daniel compares to Bartleby, the scrivener Herman Melville that it would prefer to say no to any suggestion of the employer. Bartleby’s obsession of Pennac (played the character in the stage and wrote the screenplay based on the book)./ Eclipse training

Song of the pen – an antique rhyme (Liberdade Station)

At the time of the tragic attack, resume the narrative as the theme song from the pen illuminates the situation of persons who were forced to leave home to try his luck on another continent. Antique rhyme, award-winning author and filmmaker (Earth and ashes) account of his childhood in Kabul, where he witnessed the arrest and torture of the father, his escape to India, and, finally, the cultural committee in France, where he has a professional respect. A reflection on the condition of the house, the book mixes your memories with observations about technical library, reserve space references to the French literature contemporary to the people of Mystic Texts of the Vedas. /A. G. F.

Woods Lost Illusions – Alan Fournier (crane)

Classic, the forest of Lost Illusions, the French Alain Fournier, was originally published in 1913, a year before the author’s death in 1.The war. The book’s narrator, François Seurel the son of the director of the school in the village. Chose her friend-colleague Augustin Meaulnes poor teen lost in the woods to sleep and when you wake up, if you see between gay people and fancy castle. He connects the story to his friend and his love for Yvonne De Galais. The book won the new translation of the writer Bernardo Ajzenberg also the owner of a conclusion. He makes the novel as a novel that anticipates the literature of the surreal. /A. G. F.

The property fields Oak (authentic)

After book two, wishing to remain unpublished – A Tribe the opportunity to plan for Walter campos de Carvalho produced between 1956 and 1964, four novels is a reference work of Brazilian surrealism – the moon comes from Asia cow nose is subtle, the still, a vase and a Bulgarian. And no more books, until his death in 1999. Mineiro in Uberlandia and available areas, the Oak is still not known by the public, but revered by writers such as Jorge Amado, and Marcelino Freire, Nelson de Oliveira and Antonio Prata. The property plays a style that mixes deep high melancholy to humor and nonsense eccentric that would make envy to the Best Book of strange new. / Andre Caceres

No one needs to believe me – Juan Pablo Villalobos (Companhia das Letras)

The winner of the Herralde novel in 2016, a new book by Mexican writer Juan Pablo Villalobos a good port of entry for the author, because it loads in the main features of his prose: humor million ghost plot absurd pace of a quick read. Blending forms and styles of narrative, distinct from discourse indirect free message fun classic bar in the traditional third-person action, no one need to believe in me tells the story of a Mexican student who wants to leave for Spain to search for the humor in Latin American literature, but ends up involved with questionable business dealings of his cousin. /A. C.

The time machine – H. G. Wells (short)

Literary characters that time travel has been explored by Charles Dickens and Mark Twain, and even before the special Wales during the 19th century, but the book that nailed in the popular imagination, the concept of time travel by mechanical methods was the time machine published in 1895, it explores the end of the human race is appalling. In this book, the world of travel to the distant year 802.701, and discovers that humanity is divided into two types, milk Elway and horrible Morley. Short edit has translation introduction notes Braulio Tavares, one of the biggest names in science fiction, Brazilian. /A. C.

Laughter – Henri Bergson (Edipro)

Published in 1900, compared, laughed, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature 1927 Henri Bergson, it seems more and more current. In the book The Philosopher of the French diplomatic brings together three essays analyzing the hidden meanings behind one of the most natural reactions in the human. For Bergson, the comic is an integral part of the harmful, and therefore, the pressure will have the status of sadism. As a social phenomenon, is a form of coercion of people that are suitable for certain behavioral rules. Since the original release, with discussions about bullying, social psychology, and acceptance of his body, the book of Bergson only gained in relevance. /A. C.

The universe – Michel Onfray (Martins Fontes)

The French philosopher Michel Onfray is a well-known figure in academic circles for his tremendous work. The largest of the series against the history of philosophy, with six volumes and more than 2 thousand pages, and basically goes over the history of thought by way of alternative well-being, epicurismo atheism. These three core elements in the universe: the physical presence of, his new book. With a combination of biography and defines hedonism ” as part of his father’s death to understand the world and nature through the optics almost thematic that combines science, philosophy, religion, various fields of knowledge. /A. C.

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